Rusty Dog Wants to Run and Romp with You

From Pet Haven Minnesota:

Eight-month-old Rusty was bought to a shelter in Fairmont, MN because his owners did not like how much attention he was paying to the infant in the family.

He also lived with a 2-year-old and did great with her. Rusty is now living in the Twin Cities and is loving it. He loves playing with toys, people and going for walks – and loves the dog park. When he gets excited he jumps straight up with all four of his legs off the ground – perhaps an agility candidate??!!

He is good with other dogs. He knows how to sit and his foster mom is working with him on other commands. He is doing very well with potty and crate training – learning to let his owners know when he needs to go outside.

His ideal family will enjoy playing outside and taking Rusty for walks. And because of how young Rusty is, he would benefit from some obedience classes and owners that have the patience to train him.

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