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Dada, a 2-year-old blind dog, is shy whenever a visitor comes around compared to his extremely enthusiastic brother, Langlang, and sister, Xiaoman, who both bark, jump up and lick visitors to offer their warmest welcome. By comparison, Dada is content to merely sniff his guests and lay down quietly next to them.

One year ago, the former stray was adopted by Liu Suman, a 35-year-old resident from Fengtai district, who has since loved and cared for the animal by providing a loving home.

“You can only imagine what Dada suffered when he was on the street,” Liu told Metro Beijing, holding back tears. “When I saw his sad face at a veterinarian clinic, I couldn't help but cry. I was determined to give him a warm home.”

Life on the streets was unspeakably harsh for Dada, who had his right eye gouged out. His left eye remains, although has lost all sight. Fortunately, there was a happy ending for Dada thanks to Liu, who was introduced to the dog during a pet adoption day held last year by organization Beijing Adoption Days (BAD).

BAD's good cause

BAD volunteers help stray pets find their way into caring families. Since it was established in November 2011, BAD has held regular monthly events connecting animal lovers with animals often from traumatic backgrounds. More than 300 dogs and cats rescued from streets and animal shelters in Beijing have been adopted thanks to BAD, which has a dozen regular workers and hundreds more volunteers and rescuers.

The organization's 11th pet adoption day was held on Saturday, September 22, at the 3.3 shopping mall in Sanlitun, Chaoyang district. More than 6o dogs and cats seeking adoption were displayed before crowds of people eager to find a four-legged friend.

One of the rescuers attending the event was Song Yijia, 22, a white-collar worker in Beijing. Song has helped find homes for more than 50 stray dogs since 2009. On Saturday, she brought a dog named Jinbao which, like Dada, had been cruelly gouged blind in one eye.

“All I hope for is that an adopter will give Jinbao a home and promise to never abandon him,” Song said. Ge Xu, a 29-year-old dentist, found out about the pet adoption day online and decided to go along. She ended up enamored with a dog she claimed at first glance she shared “chemistry” with.

But not just anyone can adopt a pet. Like the animals, potential owners must meet strict standards to prove they will be responsible masters.

When an animal is rescued from the street, volunteers take it to a veterinarian clinic to be examined, cleaned, neutered and vaccinated. Strays are fed and cared for by rescuers at their home until a suitable adopter can be found.

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