Adopt a feline and then find out what she’s thinking about

How many of us out there have asked this question: What in the heck could my cat be thinking?

Well, you might get a little insight into a cat's mind during the Everett Animal Shelter's event, The Secret Lives of Cats.

At the event, feline tarot card readings will be given by Bev Bryant, who will invite guests to her table to look into those secret lives of cats.

Cats do not have to be present.

But tarot readings aren't the only activity at this shelter event, which is promoting cat adoptions.

There will be lots of cats available for adoption, from kittens to seniors. In addition to the shelter's cats, Purrfect Pals, PAWS, NOAH and Homeward Pet are bringing cats, making them available for adoption.

More here: Adopt a feline and then find out what she's thinking about | – Life

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8 years ago

what a fun idea. I hope it is wildly successful.