Animal shelter, pet store team up for successful adoption event – FOX 10 News – Phoenix, AZ -KSAZ-TV

The Petsmart store at the Loop 101 and 27th Avenue is holding an adoption mega event with Halo Animal Shelter in hopes of finding animals good, loving homes.

The event has a local feel with the power of a national chain.

Petsmart is teaming up with Halo Animal Shelter to provide a brand new adoption service inside their North Phoenix store.

“They’re wonderful. I’ve adopted a cat from them before a year ago and they are, I mean, they are spectactular,” said Deette Spencer, who adopted a dog.

“They’re wonderful dogs. I’ve had four dogs and they’re all rescue dogs and one is better than the other one,” said Kathy Devroy.

Inside the Petsmart store there’s a nice space to come and check out all of the dogs and cats to see which one is perfect for the home, but its not the only place.

Outside there’s the tent that kind of acts like an animal beacon beckoning all the pet lovers to come and adopt a new little friend and theres plenty of them too.

Halo has 200 dogs and dozens of cats up for adoption all weekend and the

parking lot tent event is kicking the puppy love off in style.

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