GOING HOME: Adoption benefits owners as well as dogs, cats

When you think of a successful pet adoption, you imagine a once-unwanted cat or dog now living in a home where it is pampered, appreciated, and, most of all, loved. Sometimes forgotten are the new owners, whose lives are also enriched by adopting a pet.

Such would be the case of Camille, a young calico, and her adopter, Nancy Bauer, of Vero Beach.

Camille was surrendered by her owner to Dogs & Cats Forever in 2010, along with her kitten, Clementine — a carbon copy of her mom. After Clementine was adopted, Camille was placed at the Vero Beach PetSmart Adoption Center to meet the public. After only a few days, Camille was spied by Bauer, who was shopping for her three other cats. “I walked by the cage and saw her lying there,” said Bauer. “She looked at me, and that was all it took. She touched my heart.”

Bauer, who is partial to calicos, said that although Camille is still adjusting to life with her other cats, she is very affectionate-sleeping with Bauer and “holding hands.”

Bauer had given Camille a forever home, but she wanted to do more. She had considered volunteering before, but adopting Camille convinced her to sign up.

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