North Texas animal shelters organize huge pet adoption event

The appeals for help have been constant this year as numerous area animal shelters have repeatedly faced overcrowding conditions.

In the latest attempt to shine a light on the problem, more than 20 animal welfare groups are taking part in one of the largest adoption events to be held recently in North Texas.  Taking place at two PetSmart locations in Fort Worth on Saturday and Sunday, organizers hope to adopt out 500 dogs and cats.

Among the shelters participating are Fort Worth, Mansfield, Irving and the Humane Society of North Texas.

The event is a good way to get people’s attention, said Fred Sanderson, director of Irving Animal Services. With the onslought of abandoned and lost pets being brought to shelters, Sanderson said shelter operators must constantly find new ways to highlight the growing problem.

This year, the Fort Worth Animal Shelter has already asked for public help in dealing with overcrowding. In both May and July, shelter officials warned that adoptable animals faced the risk of euthanization unless enough animals were adopted.  Officials say the shelters typically fill up in spring and summer with breeding season and residents calling in more reports of strays. The only way to stem the problem is with more public education and stepping up efforts to encourage spaying and neutering of pets, they say.

“We live in times where millions of animals have been abandoned or lost,” said Brandon Bennett, Fort Worth code compliance director. “Many of them land at animal shelters or with rescue organizations. The shelters are often overcrowded and it’s an ongoing challenge to find homes quickly enough to make space to accommodate new ones that arrive daily.”

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Bruce Budge
Bruce Budge
6 years ago

we will adopt any yorkys you have will pay adoption fees.