Huntsville Pet Rally helps find homes for stray pets – Huntsville, AL

Symone Swims and her family came to the Huntsville Animal Services Pet Rally to find the perfect new edition to their family.

“I like energetic dogs I guess, that are really fun I can play with them,” Swims said.

Huntsville Animal Services began the pet rally last month. It’s an idea that was started by volunteers as a way to promote pet adoption.

“People out there that come to a shelter are helping to save a life by adopting a shelter pet,” said Karen Buchan with Huntsville Animal Services.

Huntsville Animal Services currently has about 75 dogs in their care but only room to hold 30 in their adoption area.

“There are animals that are in our stray area that we can’t move into our adoption area because don’t have the room,” Buchan said.

The pet rally allows the shelter to show all their cats and dogs. After looking at them all, Symone Swims and her family found the perfect fit.

“I feel like every dog deserves a home, and especially these ones here. They are looking for a family, that’s why I am here,” Swims said.

Through their adoption and several others, Huntsville Animal Services has room to help more homeless pets.

The Huntsville Pet Rally will be held the first Saturday of every month.

Originally posted here: Huntsville Pet Rally helps find homes from stray pets – Huntsville, Alabama Television – News Weather Sports.

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8 years ago

Only dogs? *VERY disappointed. Won’t be sharing this*