Inquisitive Canine: Dog Adoption Tips as You Embark on Your New Life Together

Dear Inquisitive Dog Parents,

For many of you, summertime fun included fetching a new dog or puppy. No wonder, as summer’s relaxed schedule means being home more and making yourself more available to your dog’s needs. With fall around the corner and work and school routines back in full swing, as a certified trainer and dog mom, I think the time is right to present a few helpful dog training and management tips as you and your new inquisitive canine embark on the road to happiness together.

Dog Training Begins with Behavior

Settling into a new home and lifestyle takes time for any animal — human or non-human — and especially when cultural norms vary. Dogs come with a pre-installed list of species-specific behaviors: jumping up to greet, eliminating where and when they feel the urge, and chewing whatever strikes their fancy.

As much as we’re aware of these traits that make dogs dogs, they can often be a nuisance. Therefore, it’s important you take the time to teach your dog or puppy what it is you want, and where and when you want it.

» Set a house-training routine. Puppies, adult dogs, purebreds, rescues — it doesn’t matter how old or where they came from, every dog will need to be taught where to go to the bathroom. Just because animals know where to go in one place doesn’t mean they’ll figure it out on their own in their new homes.

Whether relocating from a shelter to a high-rise in the city, or from a breeder’s home to a ranch out in the country (and everything in between), you’ll need to take the time to reward your new pooch for knowing where his or her new loo is. You can never thank an animal enough for going potty in the right place — especially if it’s outdoors in the middle of winter!

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» Go back to school with canines, too! Doorbell manners, leash-walking, sitting politely to greet and leaving things alone when asked should be some of the Dog Training 101 behaviors every inquisitive canine should know. One way to kick off your training plan is to sign up for a dog training class or workshop. Other options would be working privately with a trainer, or the DIY approach, such as using a dog training activity game.

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