Summer push to adopt pets called a success by Davis shelter

This summer’s pet adoption push by Davis County Animal Services was deemed a success after families adopted 313 cats and dogs, a llama, a turtle, 18 rodents — many of those Guinea pigs — and 27 fowls.

On Tuesday, Animal Services Director Clint Thacker shared with the Davis County Commission a report on the “Dog Days of Summer Adoption Event” hosted by Davis County Animal Services.

There were 360 animals adopted from the county shelter during the summer-long campaign that started June 1 and ran through Aug. 31, Thacker said.

That total adoption figure is “phenomenal,” considering over the same three-month period in 2011 the county placed 249 shelter animals with families, Thacker said.

“That is what we really ought to be all about,” Davis County Commissioner Louenda Downs said.

Thacker said the purpose of the summer adoption program, which offered discounted adoption rates, was to clear space for animals at the shelter and avoid having animals euthanized.

“The summer is the shelter’s busiest time of year for taking in animals,” he said.

To accelerate the pet adoption process, the county cut its average adoption fees from $125 to $50, and partnered with Best Friends Animal Society, which helped promote the adoptions through an ad campaign.

The county’s original goal was to place 250 pets, Thacker said, but after 111 pets were placed in June, the shelter raised its goal to 300 during the course of the summer.

Before they were through with the campaign, the county had placed 360 animals — including 216 dogs and 97 cats.

Thacker said the adoption campaign was so successful he is considering implementing it during the Christmas holiday period.

Davis County Commissioner John Petroff Jr. credited the success of the program to the shelter staff.

Thacker said of the campaign effort, “We made it fun.”

Originally posted here:  Summer push to adopt pets called a success by Davis shelter.