Sweet Beagle Dogs Thelma & Louise will Steal Your Heart – Greenville, SC

From Concerned Citizens for Animals, Greenville, SC:

Thelma & Louise are referrals for an individual with a personal rescue. All contacts for Thelma & Louise should be made to mherbert@greenville.k12.sc.us.

Thelma & Louise approximate ages are 5 and 2. Both are spayed and have been fully vetted. They are “mildly” heartworm positive, but the vet says 6 months on Heartgard should fix that.

These gals are very affectionate and love to be petted. They are energetic, fun loving and play great together.

Thelma & Louise have discovered that they LOVE being inside, but are not house trained. They’re good in the kennel and settle down and go to sleep. They do not bark… have only heard them bark a couple of times. In the yard, they are calm and mostly sleep. They have not been destructive at all.

Thelma & Louise are dying for someone to love them and pay attention to them.

via Petfinder Adopted Dog | Beagle | Greenville, SC | Thelma & Louise.