Kitten covered in motor oil, now adoptable –

Thanks to a partnership with several local municipal animal control agencies, the Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center was able to save the life of a pet that may have otherwise been put to death.

In July, a 6-week-old female kitten covered from head to toe in motor oil was found by a Good Samaritan and taken to Upland Animal Services. The tiny kitten was bathed and checked by a veterinarian. During the examination, it was discovered that the kitten was suffering from eye abnormalities. With no cure for the abnormalities and to alleviate any pain, her eyes had to be removed. Surgery of this magnitude is only done as a last resort. The examining veterinarian thinks that the kitten was either born with the abnormalities or that the motor oil contributed to the eye problem.

On Aug. 15, Western University School of Veterinary Medicine students performed enucleation surgery to remove both eyes. With no complications during the operation, the little kitten was placed with another orphaned kitten so she could learn the “in’s and out’s” of being a kitten. Both were transferred to the Pet Adoption Center. Named Honor and Justice, the two became fast friends. Justice depends on Honor for safety and security. She often mimics what Honor does even though she can’t see her. “It’s quite amazing to watch,” said Destiny Glass, Pet Adoption Center Animal Care Supervisor. “Justice acts just like any other kitten. Her blindness hasn’t slowed her down a bit.” Glass says, “She even tries to chase the ball by using sound.” Justice loves to be held and fawned over. She has learned to use a litter box and has not had a problem finding her food. Justice is expected to lead a healthy, normal life.

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