Dog recovering from burns up for adoption as BARK settles into new quarters

If he hadn’t shown a lot of fight and a little pep as a pup, Pal probably wouldn’t be here today.

But you’d never know that after seeing him bounding around the parking lot at Billings Animal Rescue Kare’s (BARK) new facility, sniffing at strangers and tugging playfully at his leash.

“In most situations, Pal would’ve been euthanized,” said Sandy Price, BARK’s director. “But we decided to treat him and not put him down, because he really showed he wanted to live.”

BARK, at 4017 First Ave. S., first came across the skinny, dark silver Weimaraner puppy, about 3 months old at the time, in February when his then-owner called and said the puppy had suffered from road rash after a car hit him and wanted to know if BARK would treat him.

Price told the man no because they aren’t veterinarians and referred him to Vet-To-Go. He then asked if BARK would cover the costs, to which Price responded that they could if he signed the dog over to BARK to put up for adoption.

The man did so, and on Feb. 23 he brought the dog to Vet-To-Go. After looking at the injuries, veterinary staffers began to believe Pal suffered from something worse than road rash.

“When they uncovered the dog, it was so pitiful,” Price said. “He would’ve broken your heart. Whatever was put on this dog was eating the skin off. He had deep, deep chemical burns.”

Price said he wasn’t brought into the vet until five days after the injuries occurred.

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