Dog adoption fees cut – Tasmania News

THE Dogs’ Homes of Tasmania is so overwhelmed with stray and abandoned dogs it is reducing the adoption prices for the second time this year.

In Hobart there are more than 80 dogs available for adoption, with more than double that number waiting to be put up for adoption at the pound.

Dogs’ Homes of Tasmania spokeswoman Sarah Gayton said it was a desperate time for many dogs.

“The situation is not good. We are absolutely chock-a-block full,” Ms Gayton said.

“We have no more kennel space and need to clear more urgently to allow for more dogs to be brought in.

“No matter how full we are, people will still abandon dogs.”

The Dogs’ Home has a wide range of purebred dogs available for adoption, as well as crossbreeds.

“The market is just flooded with dogs at the moment. People often make impulse purchases and we end up with many young dogs which owners have paid a lot of money for,” Ms Gayton said.

One of the many dogs available for adoption is Bluey, a four-year-old purebred blue heeler who has been at the home for nearly three months.

“He is a very loyal dog and would be protective of his owner,” said animal controller Maryanne White.

The normal price for adoption of dog is $200 but until Sunday it will be reduced to $150 and for senior dogs $50.

That includes vaccinations, desexing and microchipping.

Originally posted here: Dog adoption fees cut Tasmania News – The Mercury – The Voice of Tasmania.