Here is your chance to help The Barkers Dozen and perhaps win organic dog treats for a year!

The Barkers Dozen, an organic and eco-friendly dog treat company. We're giving away a year of free organic dog treats to the blog (and one of their lucky readers) that helps our newly launched “Paw It Forward” campaign.

Paw It Forward is a 30-day project to raise $10,000 in crowdsourced funding, which will give jobs and vital career skills to three special needs individuals.

Here's how you can help and win: Promote our project on your blog. Here's a link to our campaign page on Indiegogo:

When your readers make a pledge to our cause, we'll tally their dollar amount. The blog with the most money raised at the end of our campaign will win free dog treats for a year, and one of their readers will too! Plus, when your readers make a pledge to support the Paw It Forward project — through our campaign page here — they will also receive a gift based on their level of support – up to another year of free organic dog treats from The Barkers Dozen.

Here's the important part: For pledges to qualify for a year of free organic dog treats, and to count toward your blog's total, the person making the pledge must mention your blog in the comments of our campaign page:

If our goal is reached, we will use the $10,000 to hire three special needs individuals through our partner, Aditus, Inc., an organization that provides community-based employment and other services to Intellectually Disabled Individuals. With their help, we'll also be able to create three new flavors of organic dog treats.

The Barkers Dozen is managing the Paw It Forward project through, a social crowdsourcing website. The campaign runs through Sept. 9, 2012.