Duncan Dog Wants to Go Home…with You

A lot of folks will be taking advantage of Tax Free Weekend to outfit their children for the new school year. Of course, having new clothes and school supplies is important, but sometimes what a child needs more is a four-legged canine companion and bestest friend! Meet Duncan, a handsome Labrador Retriever mix male who would make a terrific best friend for any child (or adult for that matter)!

Montgomery County pet adoption of the week, Aug. 15

We don’t know for sure, but we think Duncan is about 6 months old which is the perfect age: still a puppy with lots of playful energy but old enough to be past the potty training stage as he is completely house-trained. Although he now weighs about 45 pounds, we estimate at maturity that he’ll be about 70 pounds which again is a perfect size for a young family. And his beautiful, black and short fur make him very low maintenance. Duncan has a great personality too.

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