Boggs shelter may be closing – The Clayton Tribune

The Rabun County Board of Commissioners learned Monday during a called meeting that Boggs Mountain Humane Shelter would be closing its doors for good on Oct. 31 unless the shelter can regain community support and funding.

Boggs Mountain was closed last month due to reports stating that the shelter’s “Lucky Dog” adoption program had been misrepresented and animals that were supposed to be saved had been euthanized.

Director Lowanda “Peanut” Kilby was fired and Penny Burkitt resigned as board president in July. Both the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and Federal Bureau of Investigation are looking into the matter.

Danny Benson, who took over as board president, told commissioners that the shelter would be closing unless its reputation could be improved.

“I’m here to let you know that as a board member, we’ve made a vote and we voted to close the shelter as of Oct. 31,” he said. “That decision was based on two areas: one is the budget and dollars to run the shelter, and the second is the support. We cannot run a shelter without community support.”

Benson said the target date gave the board about two months to make some changes.

“The reason we want to make this known to you — first, is we need your support,” he said. “It gives us an opportunity to try to change this process, and when I say change the process, we want to try to change the minds of the bad representation that we’ve gotten so far. At this point, allegations have been made, nobody’s been convicted nobody’s been charged, but at this point all our support that we had for the shelter has gone away.”

Board member Cassandra Clouser said the community could prevent the shelter from closing by showing support.

“We are trying to get the support back and have donations come in to help keep the shelter open,” she said. “That is our goal. But if we see toward middle or end of October that we’ve not been successful, then we will close the shelter.”

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