NiagaraThisWeek Article: Plenty of cats and dogs for adoption at NFHS

Since 1937, the Niagara Falls Humane Society has been the voice for animals in the community. We observe, we advocate and we make decisions based on our commitment to find safe, loving forever homes for homeless animals. It can be deeply rewarding to be the guardian of a companion animal. Children raised with animals are often more gentle, compassionate and patient. Animals can provide a healing element to a human life.

At NFHS, we believe that all animals have the right to have enough food and water, to be safe, and free from pain, injury and illness. They deserve to have their individuality respected and to have playtime and companionship every day.

At our Cat Adoption Centre at Niagara Square, we have 34 cats available for adoption right now. The AC is staffed with knowledgeable volunteers who can tell you all about the cats and to help you find the right one for your family. This month has started off strong for adoptions. As of August 6 we had had six adoptions, as of Aug 7, we had seven, and on August 8 we totaled eight. Cool numbers indeed! The informal setting at the AC is the perfect place to explore the idea of adding a cat to your household.

At the shelter there are plenty of cats and some very interesting dogs right now. Come and visit anytime, the shelter is open seven days a week.

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