Biscuit Company is a treat for doggies in Danvers – Danvers, MA – Danvers Herald

After running an award-winning dog treat store in  Washington, D.C., for 23 year, Dennis Bourgault has returned home  and opened a new shop in downtown Danvers. With aisles stocked with colorful toys, supplies, leads and treats, the New England Dog Biscuit Company is a gourmet wonderland for any dog or cat.

The store is easily accessible, on 11 Maple St., adjacent to CVS.

The Biscuit Company is known for their homemade dog treats, which are baked daily at the store. The company offers six all-natural flavors — apple, blueberry, cheese, ginger, peanut butter and sweet potato. The biscuits do not include any corn, wheat, and soy, making them a healthy alternative to packaged treats for your pooch. The store also makes seasonal treats that look like people treats, such as canolies.

But the store has more than just treats for your dog. The Biscuit Company stocks frozen raw diets to unique collars and leads, to durable toys and gift items.

Although they do not sell animals, there is the occasional adoption day. The very first one occurred on Saturday, July 21, hosted by PAWS of New England.

“We want to make it an event that occurs on the third Saturday of every month,” said Bourgault. “It was a very good turnout.” He also hopes to include more adoption weekends on different dates, with other sponsor companies.

Bourgault grew up in Danvers and attended St. Mary’s and Boston University. He had decided to sell his Washington and Virginia stores and to return home.

“I missed being in Danvers, it was time to come back,” said Bourgault.

His first store, named Doolittle’s, Ltd., was founded in 1994 by Bourgault and Michael O. Suddath, DMD. Since the move back to Danvers, Bourgault has decided to down size and focus more, solely on dog and cat neccesities.

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