It’s the ‘Price Is Right’ for pets – San Jose Mercury News

How much is that puppy in the window?

The answer this month in Pleasanton is: How much do you want to pay?

For those looking to find a furry friend at the Valley Humane Society during August, visitors can pick their own price — be it a penny or $500.

Either way, the trial program lasts all month long, and there are dozens of pets available for adoption.

“Fees can be a barrier for getting animals to good homes,” said Melanie Sadek, the society’s executive director. “We want things to be fun. And, just because you can pay, doesn’t necessarily mean you will value it more.”

Sadek said the idea came from a conference she attended where another humane society in Asheville, N,C, reported its “name your pet’s price” was so successful for certain pets, it became their permanent policy.

Anara Brimnere of the Asheville Humane Society said cats over six months and more unusual pets like parakeets and guinea pigs can be harder to adopt out, but with a price tag that patrons get to choose, it helps the animals find homes more quickly.

Any price you pay to pick out your favorite dog or cat is tax deductible, Sadek added, and all pets are typically vaccinated, dewormed, without fleas and even microchipped.

Normal adoption fees for Valley Humane are $150 for cats and $200 for dogs.

The “Price Is Right” option for cats and dogs at Valley Humane Society is a relatively unique concept in the Bay Area.

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