Rescue pets deserve to be viewed as trendy

Rescue dogs and cats are the new status pets.

Increasingly seen at better shopping venues around the Valley, these animals have unique style. Taking one home gives you bragging rights in addition to a friend for life.

And it’s trendy.

PetSmart partners with Maricopa County Animal Care and Control to provide an adoption center in Scottsdale. Like Under One Woof! at Metrocenter mall, this pet-adoption center lets people see adoptable pets without going to one of the county’s traditional shelters.

The numbers show why a rescue pet is the compassionate choice. Last year, nearly 45,000 animals came into Maricopa County’s shelters. More than 17,500 had to be put down.

Why breed more dogs and cats when pet overpopulation remains a heartbreakingly big problem?

Rescue dogs and cats are a better option.

The Arizona Humane Society’s Petique opened in Biltmore Fashion Park in 2009. Since then, more than 2,000 rescue animals have found homes through that store.

Last year, Macerich, which owns Biltmore and other Westcor malls in the Valley, decided to phase out pet stores that sell animals from breeders. The focus is now on animal-welfare adoption centers. Petco also offers adoption centers in its stores.

The brother-and-sister business team of Frank and Vicki Mineo, whose Puppies ‘N Love pet stores were impacted by the Macerich decision, turned their Scottsdale Fashion Square location into Trendy Pet and Rescue. It is now an outlet where rescue organizations can showcase pets that need homes.

Trendy is a great name for this important shift in animal welfare. Rescue animals deserve to be seen as the high-end option.

Originally posted here: Rescue pets deserve to be viewed as trendy.