New Pet Adoption Kennels at Animal Control Facility –

It is not quite a “no-kill” shelter, but on Wednesday, the City’s Animal Control Division took one giant step closer to that, in the name of saving the lives of adoptable pets.

“We have thousands of animals that come through the animal control every year, and our goal is to try to get these animals saved, rescued and in a good home,” said Cmdr. Todd Green of the Corpus Christi Police Department.

The City’s new Animal Control Adoption Kennels were redesigned to make it easier for prospective pet owners to get a good look at the dozens of pets up for adoption. The outside kennels are open to the public, and allows for people to actually spend time with a puppy or dog they might be interested in.

The new pet adoption effort was made possible by the volunteer group People Assisting Animal Control, or PAAC. The idea is to cut down on the number of animals that are put down each year, and Animal Control will do that with the help of volunteers.

“This is not a no-kill. This is a kill facility, and we get that, but we would like to be a low kill,” said Cheryl Martinez of People Assisting Animal Control. “And that is the reality, because 11,000 animals come through this shelter every single year, and we know we can’t save them all; but we sure want to try and lower that rate.”

The adoption kennels at the Animal Control facility will be open from 1-5 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

Originally posted here: New Pet Adoption Kennels at Animal Control Facility – South Texas, Corpus Christi, Coastal Bend.