Bella Dog is hoping to wheel her way into your heart and home – Philadelphia Animal Welfare –

Bella is special just like every other dog. The fact that she needs a wheelchair to get around doesn’t change her ability to love, be happy, or be the family pet someone is waiting for.

Bella (ID# A16286717) is about a year old Pit bull who came to the Pennsylvania SPCA with a spinal injury her former owners claim was due to a fall down the stairs.

The shelter veterinarians believe this injury is keeping her rear legs from working properly. Bella was fitted with a wheelchair thanks to generous donations, but it recently broke.

While she’s waiting for a new one, she’s becoming very frustrated at not being able to move freely on her own. She enjoys walks and running with the help of her chair, but finds it difficult spending much of her day in a small crate.

There is no way to know if Bella will ever regain the use of her rear legs and walk on her own again. She may need her wheelchair and assistance from a supportive, loving family for the rest of her life.

Bella may have special needs but she just wants a home and family like any other dog.

Regardless of her condition or what she sustained in her past, this should not stop Bella from finding a great forever home. On two legs or four, Bella wants the opportunity to live as a loving companion to her special someone who will love her in return.

She is currently in the PSPCA hospital but she is searching and hoping for a family that will accept her as she is and help her heal in the comforts of their home, where she can rest and snuggle, but also enjoy playing like any young dog.

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