Bayonne council passes resolution accepting grant for feral cat project –

The Bayonne City Council passed a resolution at yesterday’s council meeting that advocates say will help control the population of feral cats roaming the city’s streets.

Unanimously, the council authorized the mayor and city clerk to accept a $16,500 grant from Petsmart Charities, Inc. — an organization dedicated to improving the lives of homeless pets — for the purpose of funding a trap-neuter-return project in the city.

According to the city’s Director of Municipal Services Joseph A. Waks, the city’s animal control will work with volunteers at Hudson County Animal League and the Bayonne Feral Cat Foundation to neuter an estimated 250 feral cats in the downtown Bayonne area.

“This is a method endorsed not only by cat advocates but by the state,” said Waks, during the meeting.

Officials expect to begin in September and said 90 percent of the funds will be used to neuter the cats and the remaining 10 percent will be used for supplies and cages.

President of Companion Animal Trust Carol McNichol, who helped the city receive the grant and attended yesterday’s meeting, said once the cats are caught and neutered they will be available for adoption, she added that those not adopted will be returned to where they were found.

Residents interested in volunteering should contact The Hudson County Animal League at 201-200-1008 or e-mail

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