Tips on adopting the perfect pet for your family

Bringing home a new pet can be a rewarding and fun experience, particularly if you choose to adopt. South Valley Animal Shelter in Spanish Fork is one of several rescue centers in the valley that’s main purpose is rescuing and placing pets in good homes.

“Our goal is to adopt in or rescue as many animals as we possibly can,” said Mike Morgan, a retired police officer who has served as the executive director of South Valley since 2006. “We encourage people to come here or to any shelter to adopt animals that can make fantastic pets.”

In an interview with the Herald, Morgan offered tips of what to expect and plan for when picking out, adopting, and bringing home the perfect pet.

1. Getting to know you: When it comes to pet adoption, remember that the animals aren’t the only ones being looked over. Expect to fill out an application about yourself with questions relating to your previous animal ownership and the facilities of your home or yard.

“Our responsibility is to try to match the animal with the owner and make sure this is a great place for the animal to go,” Morgan said. If you’re renting, bring in signed permission from your landlord saying it’s okay to keep a pet.

2. Find the right fit: That doggy in the window may be the cutest thing you’ve ever seen, but a Red Heeler, for example, that chases the kids and nips at your heels, may not be what you had in mind when you signed the adoption papers. So before you fall head over tails for an animal, make sure you do your homework.

“Be careful before you adopt,” Morgan said. “Research the breed. Come in and take a look at these animals and make sure one is really going to work for you and the dynamics of your family.”

3. Be ready to commit: “Adopting a pet should be a lifetime commitment for the life of the animal, no questions asked,” said Morgan. Care and costs you should be ready to pony up for include food and shelter for your pet, as well as medical expenses, grooming and training if necessary.

4. Fix-it ticket: When you adopt a pet at South Valley Animal Shelter, as with others, you pay for and are given a voucher to have your pet spayed or neutered (if it hasn’t been already). It’s then up to you to take your voucher and pet to your vet to get “fixed” — something Morgan strongly encourages.

5. Visit the vet: “Those who have a relationship with…

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