Surfside Beach bar lends space to pet adoption fair –

It wasn’t just the usual party animals filling Cool Daddy’s restaurant, bar and grill in Surfside Beach this Saturday. Instead, in a partnership with Coastal Animal Rescue, afternoon customers were greeted by a pet adoption and vaccine fair called the Family and Fur Festival.

Phil Salone, who owns the restaurant with his wife Diane, said they’ve always tried to give back to the community. Though the bar recently moved from downtown Myrtle Beach to Surfside Beach, that community support isn’t changing.

“Willie doesn’t have eyes, but he’s a sweetie. Look at him. He’s beautiful,” Tammy Basenese says holding the Dachshund she’s just adopted at the Coastal Animal Rescue Family and Fur Festival in at Cool Daddy’s restaurant in Surfside Beach on Saturday, July 14, 2012. “His tail is a little messed up too. I don’t want to know what happened to him. He may have been born this way for all I know. All I know is he’s mine now and I love him. He’s just so sweet. What a lover.” Basenese is the owner of Mod Dog and she helped sponsor the event with no plans of actually adopting a dog or cat. But, she said, once she met Willie she fell in love and couldn’t walk away without him. Several other dogs and cats are available for adoption through Coastal Animal Rescue. Photo by Janet Blackmon Morgan /

The couple has tried to help raise awareness for autism and breast cancer in the past. But their daughter recently adopted a puggle from the no-kill shelter in Murrells Inlet and they decided to support a different cause this time around.

Paula Syms, with Coastal Animal Rescue, said events like the fair are critical to the nonprofit’s survival as well as the adoption of the animals themselves.

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