Bernadette Peters puts her heart into pet adoption drive in Shubert Alley  – NY Daily News

In the words of legendary playwright Arthur Miller in “Death of a Salesman,” when members of the community are hurting and need support, “Attention must be paid.”

So recalled actress Bernadette Peters at the recent 2012 Tony Awards, where she was awarded the Isabelle Stevenson prize to honor her work with Broadway Barks.

In 1999, the veteran songstress founded the annual star-studded event — along with fellow actress and animal advocate Mary Tyler Moore — to help promote animal adoption and raise awareness of the plight of homeless animals.

Every year, dozens of stage stars step out into Shubert Alley to support the rescue groups that work tirelessly to help find homes for hundreds of fabulous cats and dogs.

“They are the pioneers,” said Peters, of the city’s nonprofit rescuers that work on shoestring budgets and little sleep to save the animals that were abandoned, abused or orphaned.

“The thing about a rescue dog is they know they’ve been rescued, and they bond to you like nothing else,” added Peters during a phone interview, as her pit bull, Stella, could be heard barking in agreement.

The affable pit bull was rescued from the NYC Animal Care & Control shelter, where so many loving dogs like Stella are euthanized because too few people come to adopt them.

More here: Bernadette Peters puts her heart into pet adoption drive in Shubert Alley  – NY Daily News.

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8 years ago

dogs and cats equally ..or Im not in..get it?Cats don’t bark…you get my drift..