Urgent Help Needed at the Humane Society – LOCAL2 Sault Ste. Marie

Some people say having a Dog is the closest thing to pure love – by both the dog and its owner. You will never match the loyalty that a Dog can bring to your life.

On that note, we want to tell you that the Sault Ste. Marie Humane Society is full to the brim with new arrivals – puppies in particular such as these gorgeous Rottweiler pups. Rottweiler Pups are 7 weeks old, tails have been docked. To see them, people must ask at the desk because the main Dog Adoption Room is full and the pups are not in there. (they are not on the web site yet)

Sault Humane Society Hours:

Mon to Fri 11 am to 5 pm

Sat & Sun Noon to 5 pm

It’s very uncommon to walk into the Humane Society and discover the place is empty. It never really is. Each day cats and dogs arrive in the overnight box. That’s where people dump their pets when they no longer want them. It’s a sad state of affairs.

Then of course there’s pet owners who just let their dogs and cats roam – they usually end up there too.

Pet ownership is a big responsibility – they are living creatures, not stuffed toys. They require love, attention, food and grooming and proper healthcare.

If you think you can handle the responsibility, then we encourage you to drop by the shelter to find your new best friend.

Thousands of dogs and cats are put down each year because of pet overpopulation. A visit to the Humane Society means you could be saving an animals life – and they will reward you forever for giving them a second chance.

Originally posted here:  Urgent Help Needed at the Humane Society – LOCAL2 Sault Ste. Marie.