Cat Adoption Fees Lowered at Portage Shelter – Kent, OH Patch

The Portage Animal Protective League is lowering its adoption fees 50 percent for cats this month in an effort to adopt out the shelter’s abundance of felines.

Regular adoption fees are $50, but through July fees have been reduced to $25.

Chalan Lowry, executive director of the PAPL, said the shelter has 134 cats that includes about 12 kittens.

“Black cats are less likely to be adopted than cats of other colors. We have many, many wonderful black or black & white cats waiting to be adopted. They seem to get passed over for the more colorful cats,” Lowry said. “We hope that the community will help spread the word, adopt or donate. It all helps.”

The Portage APL is a private, non-profit organization that relies on support from private citizens and organizations. The shelter is located on Infirmary Road. For more information, call the Portage APL at 330-296-4022.

Originally posted here: Cat Adoption Fees Lowered at Portage Shelter – Kent, OH Patch.