New Regional Animal Shelter plans unveiled – Farmington Daily Times

With the intent of offering a pet-store friendly environment that encourages and increases pet adoption, the plans for the new Regional Animal Shelter were unveiled to the Farmington City Council on Tuesday night.

Located on an area off Browning Parkway near Animas River Park, the proposed 14,987 square-foot building will have the capability to house 170 dogs, 130 cats and five exotic animals.

Two entrances to the building will exist one for those wishing to adopt and animal and one for those picking up a lost pet or needing to surrender an animal.

While the plan was met with overall acceptance by council members, Councilor Mary Fischer and Jason Sandel expressed some concerns.

Fisher questioned the decision to have a drop box area, where people can surrender pets after hours.

“Most shelters have eliminated (the concept of a drop box) and I believe it falls in the cruel category,” Fisher said. ” Why are we continuing to do that?”

“I think we are taking a step back if we are to continue that practice,” she said. “I believe we need to cater more to the animals than irresponsible people.”

The new shelter is expected to be able to house animals for about 10 days before euthanazia occurs, longer than the 3 to 5 day period that exists currently.

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