PEDIGREE Foundation Announces New Approach To Operation Grant Program – PR Newswire

Since 2008, PEDIGREE Foundation has been unwavering in its mission to help dogs in need find loving homes by supporting shelters and rescues through its grant program.  In its journey to see a day when adoption is considered first choice when getting a dog, the Foundation announced today an exciting step towards that vision.  Starting this year, its Operation Grant program will now be administered by Petfinder Foundation to leverage Petfinder’s capacity to manage large volumes of applications, with its expertise in managing best practice giving and reporting  procedures. With an enhanced set of reporting criteria, these one-time grants, up to $1,000 each, will allow organizations to apply for specific items to help save one dog at a time.

“We believe that all dogs deserve to be loved and cared for,” said Debra Fair, PEDIGREE Foundation president. “Through this partnership with Petfinder Foundation, we will be better equipped to make the greatest difference in the animal shelter community.”

In the coming months, PEDIGREE Foundation will embark on this next phase of its development by revising key programs and prioritizing resources to maximize the use of its funds.  The Foundation’s Innovation Grant Program, which awards larger amounts to shelters and dog rescue groups that demonstrate innovation and out-of-the box thinking to ultimately increase dog adoptions, will continue to be administered by the Foundation.

Through this new strategy, PEDIGREE Foundation will give a greater percentage of funds to its Innovation Grant program and directfunding for need-based grants in partnership with Petfinder Foundation to address specific operational needs of the entire shelter community.

Operation Grants: Primary Updates  Since its inception, the Operation Grant program has provided financial assistance to shelters and rescues to help promote pet adoption.  These individual grants were awarded to thousands of 501(c)(3) organizations across the country, and could be used for any basic operating cost. The new process includes:

Starting this year, the Operation Grant program will be administered through Petfinder Foundation.

In years past, any organization could apply up until the deadline of September 30th to receive a portion of a set amount that was equally divided.  This year, monies will only be given based on set criteria (see below) and in order of application until all funds are released for the given year.

For this year only, prior receipt of a PEDIGREE Foundation Operation Grant will be a factor in determining 2012 recipients.

Total funding of Operation Grants is $150,000.

Grants will be made on an on-going basis until all monies are distributed (Only one grant per year, per organization is allowable).

Criteria:  In partnership with Petfinder Foundation, shelters and rescues may apply for operational grants based on the following minimum requirements:

Active free account with

Provide proof of Section 501(c)(3) tax exempt and public charity status

Provide financial and other information to demonstrate sound corporate practices (990’s, budgets)

Demonstrate proof of organizational stability and program best practices (insurance, animal care, strategic plan, board oversight, transport, etc.)

Demonstrate a collaboration/partnership within the community that promotes, educates and/or increases awareness of issues that contribute to dog homelessness

Reporting the following performance metrics:  intakes, adoptions, returns, transfers, euthanasia’s, community involvement, other

Willingness to participate in monthly surveys, press, stories, receipt, etc.

Confirmation on how funds will be used to further the groups’ ability to inspire more adoption and community support.

The monies must be utilized within a one-year period.

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