LAWS animals up for adoption this week include these two feline siblings who need one home – EMC News

Bucky is a playful, oversized orange and white medium haired tabby. We agree that big is beautiful and Bucky and his sister Lilly are no exception. Bucky and Lilly must be adopted together – they are a lovely team of quiet and playful. Lilly is a quiet grey and white short haired tabby – both are around 2 * yrs of age and are ready for their forever homes.

Keebler is a volunteer favourite. He is a cat with character. Keebler is a brown tabby cat who likes human companionship and has a playful nature. He is always in for a game. Just dangle a toy in front of his nose and he’ll swat at it. Fun!

He often tolerates the other cats, but sometimes feels he needs to remind them who is boss. He would do well as the only cat so he can receive the love he truly deserves. Keebler wishes a loving family would come to choose him. He’s affectionate and he has clean litter box manners and he keeps himself well groomed.

Bogey I’m a big yet gentle soul with a love for life. I love the outdoors and exploring the wilderness. I have a bad habit of chasing cats. Just for safety’s sake, I think it’s better that I live in a single dog household. I love people and am very affectionate. I need a safe outdoor area and a family to love me.

Bodean I’m a very kind and energetic guy. I really enjoy closeness with people. The shelter was very scary for me at first but I am learning to adjust a little better. I really miss my family and want to sleep at the foot of a warm bed. I will make a great companion for a home with space where I can run. I need a loving owner who will help me transition to their home with patience and respect.

Ace I get along well with everyone. I’m a happy go lucky dude. I’m very social and love to run. I’m small and portable. I will make you laugh and smile. I have some learning to do, but I’m ready and willing. I am an amazing dog.

Dexter I’m a strong and loyal dog with muscles of steel and a heart of gold. I know many commands and with appropriate direction I will amaze you with my skill level. I had a difficult time when I arrived at LAWS, but I am now healthy and ready to find my forever home. I can be playful and boisterous at times, but I respond well when I’m told to calm down. I enjoy being around people, but I’m not a huge snuggler. I will follow a human I trust to the end of the earth and back.

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