Cat Adoption Team urgently seeks donations for Sunday’s Cat Food Bank –

The Cat Adoption Team is seeking the public’s help in restocking its shelves for its upcoming food bank distribution this Sunday as it works to recover from an April flood.

Water damage from a burst pipe forced the Sherwood shelter to close its Cat Food Bank for two months. During that time, donations dwindled along with space to store food.

“On April 8, we distributed 2,417 pounds of dry cat food, and then closed the food bank for two months,” says CAT’s spokeswoman Kathy Covey, who also manages the Cat Food Bank.

“We are anticipating even more cat owners seeking assistance at the July 8 food bank. Donations of cat food will go a long way towards helping a family keep their beloved family pet.”

You can help by donating any brand of new, unopened cat food. Visit here for a list of drop-off locations across the Portland area.

You can also make a financial donation. The nonprofit organization says every $14 donated to the Food Fund allows it to feed one owned cat for an entire month.

Since it opened in June 2008, the Cat Food Bank has distributed 113,314 total pounds of cat or kitten food; 27,027 total cans of cat food; and helped feed 6,066 total cats. The Cat Food Bank is open 10 a.m.-noon on the second Sunday of each month.

Call 503-925-8903 or visit for more information.

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