A Precious Dog Ready for Adoption – Hillsborough, NJ Patch

A visit to local pet adoption services or shelters gives a glimpse at the challenges facing those who are trying to find homes for them.

Hundreds of animals join the lists of homeless animals, animals of all ages, backgrounds and breeds—many new agencies open specializing in particular breeds each month.

Consider Precious, a seven-year-old Boxer and Staffordshire bull terrier mix in need of a home after her first owner went into a nursing home—a not uncommon reason dogs become homeless. Precious has a pleasant personality, and has proven quick to adapt to new surroundings.

When adopted, Precious’ new family will gain a dog already trained, housebroken and up-to-date with vaccinations.

Precious is available for adoption through CAP—Hillsborough, but you can contact any of the adoption groups below to find your next best friend.

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