Handsome Dog Bert Would Make Your Home a Special Place – Asheville, NC

From Brother Wolf Animal Rescue, Asheville, NC:

Courtesy Post only****** contact only deemichaels@charter.net Bert was found at the Waynesville Rec Center about two to three weeks ago. No owner has been located and he was not microchipped. He was taken to the vet and examined and really only found to be about 10-12 pounds underweight. He received worming treatment, all vaccines, heartworm preventive and Pet Armour flea treatment. He has now been neutered and microchipped and is doing very well. Bert has never had an accident in the house and sleeps on his bed next to our bed. He sleeps through the night, never making a peep. He is good with our golden retriever, even though she’s not so thrilled about him. He LOVES, LOVES his food and treats, but this works to his advantage for training. He has learned “sit” fairly easily and he is eager to learn and please his people.

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