Erie County SPCA waives cat adoption fee –

It’s a feline frenzy lately at the Erie County SPCA in Tonawanda, as the organization tries to find permanent homes for hundreds of cats.

As part of June’s National “ADOPT-A-CAT-MONTH,” the SPCA is waiving the adoption fee for all cats one year and older, at all of their Erie County locations. Normally the adoption fee for cats, ages one to two years is $85.

The SPCA is so full of cats right now, that they are unable to accept anymore feline friends until they find homes for their current ones. There are about 200 cats at the Tonawanda shelter on Ensminger Road and more than 400 cats in foster homes because there is no cage available for them. Gina Browning, Director of Public Relations at the SPCA Serving Erie County, said that they need the community’s help now, more than ever.

“The community is so important and the decision to adopt from us is huge,” Browning said. “In order for the shelter to work they’re going to have to support us.”

Currently there is a 30-day waiting list for stray cats to come to the organization and a six-week waiting list for those who want to surrender their cat. Since the SPCA does not euthanize any of its animals, the organization cannot move forward with accepting these new cats until there is more room for them. The Erie County SPCA will also only accept cats from Erie County on their waiting list.

Browning said summer is the best time to adopt a cat because there are so many to choose from. Plus, adopters are not just getting a cat; they are also getting all of the medical treatments that come with the animal, free of charge. Browning said that what people do not realize is that when they get a free kitten elsewhere, it is not actually free. After all the veterinary expenses, the kitten bills could add up to a lot of money. Whereas with the SPCA, all adoptions include a flea treatment, rabies vaccination, microchips, spay and neuter, and a 30 day veterinary insurance.

“Not only are you getting a warm and fuzzy animal from a reputable organization, you’re also getting a great deal on medical care,” Browning said.

The cat adoption fee will only be waived until June 30 but the fee is always waived for older cats, ages three and up. Cat adopters this month will also receive a 20 percent discount at the SPCA “Petique” store, which includes toys, treats, and other supplies for pets.

There are also many kittens available for adoption and the fee is $125. The Erie County SPCA is also located in the Eastern Hills Mall, the Galleria Mall and other off-site locations.

The organization is always looking for volunteers to help at their shelters or to foster an animal.

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