Please Help the Turkish Animal Group, They Need Some Votes

TAG depends entirely on donations and is trying to win $5000 in June’s Sunsuper Dreams competition to pay for their desperately needed rescue vehicle to save more lives. To vote only takes a minute and just needs voters to verify the email they receive:


A desperate plea came in to the Turkish Animal Group via facebook on May 29th:

“In front of my hotel in Mercin, Turkey there are six small puppies that are only 4– 6 weeks old – crying from hunger and loneliness in the rubbish tip where they eat and sleep. I thought they had a Mum but the hotel told me that they were dumped three days ago. The employees are getting more and more angry each time one hopefully tries to squirm through the door. I have been feeding them for the last two days but I have to leave very soon as my contract here is ending and I have noticed a couple of adult male dogs are eating their food. Please please save these poor souls otherwise they will they have no chance.” Max MK.

TAG began by contacting the local rescue groups but no one was able to help. Although TAG had no room at all for these poor pups, they never turn down an urgent rescue and immediately scrambled forces and resources to try and fetch them. They knew it would be a 14 hour drive in a hire car each way and a new enclosure would have to be built asap but TAG was determined to save them. There was no time to lose as Max was leaving early on the morning of June 1st. On May 31st Mustafa a TAG volunteer set out at 9.30 am, arriving in Mercin at 11.30pm for a rest before meeting up with Max before his flight. At 6.30 am on June 1st they were able to scoop all six pups into their arms and into the safety of the waiting car!

Karen who runs TAG cried with relief when everyone arrived back at the shelter safe and sound that evening – the poor little pups were thin with bellies bloated with worms and weepy eyes, and one had a broken tail. However within a few days and after several trips to the vet, vaccinations and treatments, they were happily scoffing puppy biscuits and chewing up Karen’s slippers! (The wee girl even pooped on Mustafa’s computer as a thank you for such a long trip!) TAG was able to erect a temporary shelter whilst they tried to raise funds for a permanent home for the pups and Max who had found them was overjoyed to see photos and videos on facebook of them playing without a care in the world. He posted “I am so happy! My close friend says to me: nothing is impossible…that is so true…Thank you ladies for helping me save those angels. I can sleep now.”

The Turkish Animal group started 10 years ago when Karen Wren took a starving dog Scooby back from Turkey – she was heartbroken over what she had seen there – in Turkey there are so many dogs wandering the streets, starving, diseased and injured. A lot are left behind by ex pats and strays are regularly poisoned or rounded up and dumped in places where they are hidden from tourists and go on to breed and die of hunger or disease. Sadly there are also a number of rape cases.

For the first few years Karen spent her own money to care for and rescue as many dogs as she could and when her savings ran out she went online to fundraise for TAG’s shelter in Didim. It is a struggle from month to month but despite all the odds she has neutered 300+ dogs and rehomed 52 cats and over 70 dogs worldwide.

Just last week TAG were able to rescue Blondie, a beautiful little yellow dog from a known animal ‘hoarder’ who lives in Turkey with over 100 dogs on a piece of land with no protection against the weather; she refuses vet care and adoptions and does not feed them – the poor dogs drink from the lake. TAG has already removed a number of these dogs and is trying to remove as many as possible before it is too late; this lady was evicted from her previous home due to severe neglect. They found dead dogs in the freezer, dead cats stuck to the floor and she burned the dogs that died in full view of the other dogs. Blondie was given to the lady hoarder by English tourists Kerry and Roger to care for her whilst they began the adoption process – they were unaware of her history and she had promised them that she would care for Blondie. Instead she had her poorly spayed by the local butcher without their permission, barely fed Blondie and let her become covered in ticks – when they found out they were beside themselves with worry and turned to TAG for help. It took TAG three days last week to get legal papers and serve them and at 11pm on June 11, Blondie was safely in the back of the police van on her way to the TAG shelter and safety and will be reunited with Kerry and Roger in September 2012 when she begins her new life.

Karen has over 60 dogs at the TAG shelter now and if they need to do an urgent rescue (which happens regularly) or get medical help she has to hire a car with her own funds which are running very low. As well as funds and volunteers they desperately need a rescue vehicle for urgent rescues, to get to the vet for treatments and neutering, to collect injured dogs and pick up food and supplies. In the tourist season cars are often all booked out. The nearest vet is almost two hours away and sometimes TAG has to drive into very remote rural areas to rescue dogs like Honey who was spotted with a broken leg wandering in the forest. It took TAG three days to find her as the caller wasn’t sure of the location, but they didn’t stop looking as she would have died otherwise and now she is safe at the shelter and seeking a forever home. Abused and neglected dogs like Blondie, Honey and Gemma who was being kicked so badly by locals that her legs were bent, break Karen’s heart every day – but Karen does everything in her power to save them and Gemma too is now happy and healthy at the shelter waiting for a forever home.

TAG depends entirely on donations and is trying to win $5000 in June’s Sunsuper Dreams competition to pay for their desperately needed rescue vehicle to save more lives. To vote only takes a minute and just needs voters to verify the email they receive:

For details of dogs seeking a loving for ever home:
The link to vote –

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save turkish dogs