Duncan Cat Was Left Behind and Now He Wants to Be Found – Palmdale, CA

From Forgotten Angels Cat Rescue, Palmdale, CA:

Duncan was left behind with 10 other kitties when his family moved away and decided not to take them along. Sadly, some of his friends were not so lucky when they started to roam the neighborhood in search of food but Duncan was one of the lucky ones. Now that Duncan is safe, warm, loved and very well fed in his foster home were hoping to help him find his new Forever family. He loves to be petted and hes usually purring from the minute he sees you. Being brushed is another favorite as long as youre sitting down and he can climb in your lap. He does get a bit concerned when you try to pick him up but hes working on that. He does great with other kitties in his foster home and in fact he is the first one to start purring and offer a submissive head butt to a new kitty. He wants nothing more than to be friends. He hasnt decided how he feels about the dog in his foster home but if they were introduced slowly he would probably do fine….

See him here: Petfinder Adoptable Cat | Domestic Medium Hair – Orange And White | Palmdale, CA | Duncan.