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Deneen Balistere is Wonder Woman, minus the tiara and lasso. She’s making a difference, a rescuer of abandoned, abused and neglected dogs.

When Summerdale police learned of the situation at Purple Hearted Puppies Shelter in late January, Balistere was a first responder and was put in charge of what was, by all accounts, a horrific scene: dead and dying dogs and cats, some cannibalized by the starving animals, with more animal remains unearthed in the days following the initial discovery.

Balistere is the dog adoption coordinator for the Baldwin County Humane Society — BARC!. Balistere’s job is to rescue dogs from shelters, puppy mills and dogs surrendered by their owners. She evaluates and rehabilitates her charges and finds homes for them.

A call from a friend alerted Balistere to the Summerdale situation. She describes her initial reaction as shock, being overwhelmed and shifting into autopilot.

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