Sisters get in spirit of Adopt a Cat Month

Sisters Kaitlin Roberts, 12, and Lauren Roberts, 5, couldn’t wait to get to the Macon County Animal Control and Care Center.

Mom and Dad had promised them a kitty as soon as they unpacked their things and settled a bit in Illinois. They had moved from New Jersey to a house in the country near Maroa, and it was time to pick out a four-legged addition to the family.

“They were so excited,” said Dusty Roberts, the girls’ mother. “We couldn’t get there fast enough today.”

They finally arrived at the shelter and went immediately to the room full of kittens. The girls wanted a cute, tiny cat, but their mother wanted to make sure to pick one suitable for her 5-year-old.

They finally settled on a 4-month-old all-black feline that the girls named Roxy.

Kaitlin said inspiration for the name came from the movie “Megamind.” The main character’s name is Roxanne.

Dusty Roberts said it was important that they rescue a cat from a local shelter.

“There’s no sense in buying one from someone when you can save one instead,” she said. “While we were standing there looking, a woman brought in a litter of five kittens no one wanted. My heart goes out to these poor animals.”

June is Adopt a Cat Month, and the animal shelter is running a special to encourage cat adoption. Normally, a cat ready to adopt is about $95, but for the month of June, all adoptions are $25.

“This time of the year we are the fullest,” said Amanda Fisher, adoption coordinator for the shelter. “We need to get all these cats adopted before the ‘newbies’ come, and this year, with the economy, it’s difficult to find people to take them.”

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