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Peggy Leg is an adoptable Chihuahua soon to become the world’s smallest bionic dog!

Peggy Leg, a rescued puppy from Roswell, New Mexico, was born without a foot. Until recently, her rescuers at Enchantment Chihuahua Rescue believed that her leg would have to be amputated because the strain was too much on the poor Chihuahua’s back.

But that’s no longer the case, because Peggy Leg is soon to be the “world’s smallest bionic pet.”

Thanks to researchers at North Carolina State University, the little pup is soon to be four-legged because of a titanium implant that the college is outfitting Peggy Leg with (for free, too!). The implant, if successful, will function better than a prosthetic device. It is hoped that the bionic implant will allow this pup to live a normalized, pain-free life.

While this is amazing news for Peggy Leg and disabled pets everywhere, it gets even better. The University doesn’t plan to stop there; eventually they wish to apply this groundbreaking procedure to humans and use the bionic implant technology on people, like wounded soldiers, for instance.

Peggy Leg is an inspiration and her story shows just how important it is to not only care for animals, but how we need to use whatever power we have in our arsenal to give pets the chance at living better lives.

Keep in mind that Peggy Leg is still a rescued pup, and this soon-to-be bionic pup is looking for a loving home to run around, free of back problems. If you’re interested in becoming the adopted parent of this awe-inspiring Chihauhua, check out her Petfinder profile!

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