Miley Cyrus to be Center of Dogington Post Pro-Animal Adoption Campaign

While teen starlet Miley Cyrus may be making headlines over her recent engagement to actor Liam Hemsworth, the young actress is also in the middle of a very different type of media sensation—dog news. The famous teen and long time advocate of pet adoption is at the center of a new effort from Dogington Post. The online dog news source announced a campaign that will use the actress’s dedication to dogs and animal adoption to promote more adoptions by their readers.

This latest initiative is designed to encourage young people and Cyrus fans of all ages who may be tempted to buy designer breed puppies from expensive breeders, to consider adopting homeless dogs from local rescue centers. After Cyrus received a great deal of admiration upon adopting her fifth homeless pet in May of this year; the publication decided to use the fascination with Cyrus’s adoptions to show readers and fans of the actress the benefits of dog adoption. Dogington Post is featuring Cyrus’s growing pack of dogs on their site in hopes that fans of the star can look to Cyrus as a role model for animal rescue efforts.

The site has included lengthy features on the signer’s numerous dog adoptions, including her highly publicized adoption of the puppy Happy; a dog the actress recused from a Wal-Mart parking lot. The actions of the singer align with the publication’s promotion of the fair and human treatment of dogs; inciting the dog news site to showcase Cyrus as an example for their readers in their new effort to promote shelter adoptions.

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Originally posted here: Miley Cyrus to be Center of Dogington Post Pro-Animal Adoption Campaign.