Wonderful Cat Gansett Wants to Join the Home Team – Stoneham, MA Patch

From Paws Wakefield, MA:

My name is Gansett and perhaps you have met me at PAWS’ adoption days. Everyone loves me there as I sit like a gentleman in my blue harness and greet the visitors. Adoption days are fun, but I must say that I’m sick and tired of sitting on the bench as other cats are scoring goals. I want a real home team of my own to play with.

I’m very handsome in my grey and white coat. I used to be a bit portly, which was a shame for a young guy like me. After all, I’m in the prime of my life at 8 years old. But I have successfully lost the extra weight, and I didn’t even need Weight Watchers. That is because my foster mom had me running the treadmill. Well, not really, but she did insist I do the stairs at the house to earn my kibble. We football players do need to work out and my regime has made me sleek, buff and ready for the upcoming season.

When I’m not working out, I love hanging in my easy chair, checking out the events around me and taking in a game or two. I love attention, but on my own terms. I have everyone in my foster home very well trained now. Like the coach who cries “Foul, 10-yard penalty for touching,” I cry “meowwwww” with my mean-coach voice and I slap at the air like a running tackle.

My people know to move quickly when I give the signal and it is kind of a joke now at the house. I’m even fine around the children because they are team players and always follow my directions. They know that, like Tom Brady, I can be quick and bossy, but also gentle and quite the handsome devil.

So as you can see, I’m ready for the draft. I would prefer a home team where I will be the only cat, as I had a bad experience in my former life with felines who did not play fair. But, a crowd of people is just fine because I love to tailgate. Summer practice starts soon so give me a call. I can’t wait to learn your team moves and settle into your routine.

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