Talbot Humane needs canned cat food – The Star Democrat

There is a feline crisis brewing at Talbot Humane, and donations of canned cat food desperately are needed.

“When you have over 135 cats, canned food goes very quickly,” said Talbot Humane Executive Director Patti Crankshaw-Quimby.

With the arrival of spring, kittens and cats are pouring into the shelter.

The bloom of kittens is predictable, but to make things more difficult, there has been an unusually high number of owners surrendering their adult cats to the facility.

“We’ve had a lot since the first of the month,” Crankshaw-Quimby said. “This week, on Tuesday alone, we had five cats come in.”

Animals end up in shelters for a variety of reasons economic distress, job loss, home foreclosure, an owner’s illness, changing family dynamics, inability to care for or to afford the animal, and the list goes on.

Currently, Talbot Humane is considered to be at near-capacity, and the staff is trying to find homes for more than 200 animals.

Cats are creatures of habit that thrive on routine.

“Cats do not adapt to change well,” Crankshaw-Quimby said.

When a kitty is taken from home and brought to the shelter, it can cause a chronic state of anxiety that leads eventually to health problems.

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