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The South Plains Society for Prevention and Cruelty to Animals gave dogs the chance to stretch their legs, and a lucky few found a new family on the way. Vice President Jolynn Payne said “Walk in the Park” doesn’t just benefit canines.

“It’s going to help the Wolfforth shelter,” Payne said. “Right now, they just have an indoor building that only has seven kennels, and so we’re going to put a fence around the outside and some outdoor kennels.

The event also gave owners like Angelia Medsker the chance to get their fluffy friends micro-chipped

“I live out in the country; I have a chain-link fence around my house. I don’t like leaving their collars on them in any kind of idea like that, in case they get caught on the chain-link fence, said Medsker. “This way, if they get out and somebody catches them, they can get them scanned and they can get them back to me.”

Cole Johnson browsed the selection of beagles and labs in search of a family pooch.

“This is nice because, like I said, you get to see them outside and playful, and sort of have a better environment to look at the dogs, and get to know them before you adopt one,” Johnson said.

SPCA will be hosting other events in the future, and are always looking for pet parents and volunteers.

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