Will You Adopt Emiliyo the Cat? [VIDEOS] – Stoneham, MA Patch

From PAWS, Wakefield, MA:

Boy have I had a tough few weeks. First, I found myself wandering lost in Wakefield. That was definitely not fun and I was hungry. Then I spent two weeks in quarantine at the VCA. Everyone was nice there, but they had to hold me to see if my original family might be looking for me. That was really not fun. Finally, I’m in a PAWS foster home and let me tell you…life is good.

My name is Emiliyo and I’m a beautiful black and white tuxedo cat with amazing golden eyes and the cutest white markings. I feel right at home with my fosters and I will settle in easily at your house when you adopt me (hint, hint), because I’m, well, I’m an extremely nice and friendly, young cat.

I must say, when I first arrived in my foster home, I went a bit crazy running around. After living in a cage for two weeks, who wouldn’t? Now I have every toy I could imagine to play with so I tire myself out and spend down time looking out the windows and dozing on the couch. Okay, I admit I have tried to get out the door a few times. It looks interesting out there, but I really know it is best for me now to be safe inside with a loving family.

Besides playing with the laser pointer, balls, strings, climbing structures and anything that moves, I like catching flies, being kissed, lots of petting and sleeping on the bed with my people, at least part of the night. (The rest of the night, you will find me exploring and keeping your house safe from the after-dark-critters.)

I also like dogs a lot and would love to be in a family that includes some friendly dogs I can hang out with, or, even better, another cat who would play with me. I’m just an all-around, adjusted guy, so I could fit in anywhere with anyone. All I ask for are toys, your love and attention, and some fun activities. So, if you want a beautiful, young, tuxedo cat, I’m certain I’m your guy. What are you waiting for? Call PAWS now and ask to speak with Emiliyo.

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