National Fidelity Mortgage (NFM, Inc.) Shows Support for Animal Adoption

National Fidelity Mortgage (NFM, Inc.) has long maintained a reputation for charitable activism, showing support for local green initiatives, children’s charities, and more. Part of the company’s social ethos involves ongoing support for animal adoption, and for the well-being of animals in general. Recently, the company showed its dedication to this cause, forming a team to participate in a local event held to raise money for Baltimore-area animal adoption centers.

The event in question was the 17th Annual March for the Animals, sponsored by the Maryland SPCA. Held in Druid Park at the end of April, the event is known as the organization’s largest fundraiser of the year, and a prime time for animal lovers and pet adoption supporters to show their dedication to the welfare of animals.

David Silverman, the President and CEO of NFM, Inc., notes the company’s support of the March for the Animals is nothing new. “For years NFM, Inc. and our employees have been dedicated to the well-being of animals,” Silverman confirms. “Whether we are forming a team to participate in the MDSPCA March for the Animals or adopting two cats to be part of our ‘corporate family,’ we understand the importance of helping animals in need. NFM, Inc.’s team for the MDSPCA was truly thrilled and encouraged to join thousand of other animal crusaders.”

The yearly March for the Animals event historically draws thousands of participants, and in past years has generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in funds. The money raised by the event goes toward funding local animal adoption centers. In addition, some of the funding provides for spaying and neutering services for area animals that are in need.

Indeed, Tina Regester, one of the coordinators of the SPCA event, says it is important to note that all of the money raised goes directly to the cause of helping animals.

“All proceeds from the March for the Animals go directly to provide care, shelter, food and medications to lost, abandoned and homeless animals at the MD SPCA’s adoption center,” Regester says.

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