Best Friends brings pet adoption to Trolley Square – The Salt Lake Tribune

he dogs and cats were dressed up in their finest bow ties and cocktail dresses Thursday afternoon inside Trolley Square, trying to look their best for a potential new owner.

Temma Martin, spokeswoman for Best Friends Animal Society, said the classy attire perfectly fit the setting of the grand opening of the organization’s Pet Adoption Center.

“We’re excited, this is a celebration and we wanted to make it festive and fun,” Martin said.

The adoption center held a special event Thursday from 5 to 8 p.m. to encourage adoptions, allowing new pet parents to pay whatever amount they chose for their new best friend. Regular adoptions for dogs are $75 and $25 for cats.

The new center houses 10 dogs and 10 cats at a time, with six pets already adopted since the center’s original opening May 9. Martin said the goal is to get 500 animals adopted over the next six months.

Mary Norton, 59, adopted a 2-year-old terrier-Chihuahua mix named Dixie Thursday to join her other dog, 4-year-old Donovan, who is also a terrier mix. Norton said she had an “instinctive” feeling about Dixie from the beginning.

“I’m really big on intuition,” Norton said. “I took one look at her and she looks like she could be my other dog’s daughter.”

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