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How old is too old to adopt a pet?

That’s the question at the center of a dog adoption controversy in Texas.

David West is accusing the Amarillo SPCA of age discrimination.

West says he and his wife, Marian, who are both in their 80s, responded to an ad by the group for a chow that needed a good home.

West says the couple met the dog and even bonded with it.

Then, were suddenly denied the adoption.

“We needed a larger dog house, uh, my wife made an appointment to have the dog groomed and shampooed. And we go back and low and behold that’ s when they said they couldn’t let us have the dog and implying that I was too old,” said David West.

The Amarillo SPCA is denying the allegation.

An Amarillo SPCA spokesman says Marian West expressed concern about handling the dog.

He also says there are many criteria considered before adoptions take place

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