Annual pet fair ‘a big hit’ with animals and people – Redmond Reporter

Hundreds of four-legged pets, including a miniature horse, took over the Redmond Senior Center (RSC) — inside and outside — Saturday as part of the city’s fourth annual pet fair, “Whiskers, Wings and Wagging Tails.”

About 800 people — many of them with their pets — attended the popular event, which featured pet adoption opportunities, agility and obedience demonstrations, dog races and more.

“It’s always a big hit,” said Teri Burke, the RSC recreation program coordinator. “This event is about celebrating the connections with our companion animals. We know that it is important to Redmond citizens and their health.”

But the event was not limited to four-legged furry animals. Members of the Northwest Exotic Bird Society were on hand with their feathered friends. Even a chicken was at the event, brought by a group of residents who last year prompted the City Council to approve a change in city code to allow chickens on smaller lots in Redmond.

One of the more popular events at the pet fair was the flyball dog races by handlers from the Cascade Comets Dog Sports Club. The relay race features four dogs who jump over a series of hurdles to a box that releases a tennis ball to be caught when the dog jumps on the spring-loaded pad. The dog catches the ball and then races back to their handler and then the next dog takes off until all four dogs are done.

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