Free pet adoption program leaves shelter almost empty –

“Awwww!” Devin Shelton and her 4-year old daughter Rhiyanna, instantly fell in love with the 2-year old Chihuahua in the section marked, ‘small, adoptable dogs’ of the Grand Prairie shelter.

Shelton found out that the city’s shelter was doing free adoptions this weekend and decided to take advantage of it.

“I’ve been wanting a dog, but I don’t have the income,” says Amy Ramirez, who was looking at another Chihuahua two cages away.

Normally, adoptions at Grand Prairie’s animal shelter cost about $70, but a program the city calls, ‘Stayin’ Alive’ waived all the usual adoption fees.

“We’re saving lives this weekend,” says Amy Sprinkles from the city.

Sprinkles says 70 dogs and cats were adopted Friday. Only about 50 remained Saturday morning when the doors opened at 10 am.

The city is losing money by doing this, but says it’s worth it.

This is the second ‘free adoption’ weekend so far this year and more could be planned soon.

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8 years ago

While this is laudable in concept, I wonder how advisable it is in reality; after all, if someone doesn’t have the basic adoption funds, how likely are they to be able to cover the ongoing day-to-day costs of basic (and beyond basic) food and medical care for their companion cat or other animal?